Astra believes it is important to continuously understand and appreciate the relative and absolute attractiveness of public versus private credit markets. In public markets, Astra will seek to make opportunistic investments in high quality, dislocated structured products markets such as ABS, CLOs, MBS and secondary loans. These opportunities may be driven by exogenous factors, such as volatility, regulatory constraints and rating agency behaviour, which may cause fundamentally sound assets to be impacted by market sentiment. It has been Astra’s experience that public structured products have and may be affected by supply demand imbalances that may go beyond fundamental changes. Astra believes that being able to invest with a longer-term horizon in structured products or secondary loans can present a highly attractive risk reward opportunity.

Astra through its investment portfolio will seek to invest across market cycles. It may capitalise on dislocations across private and public credit markets that have been created due to bank retrenchment, hard asset price dislocations, and opportunities created by market volatility.