our approach


Creating value: availability of cheap credit has resulted in significant price inflation for safe, investment grade instruments; however, dislocations have emerged in relation to complex credit assets, which are often poorly rated. When evaluating or structuring a solution for private transactions, Astra uses a combination of investment tools to underwrite the risks, thus placing investors in an optimum position to generate excellent returns on its investments.

Investing in complexity: changes in the regulatory environment and lack of broader pricing expertise, including correlation and liquidity risks, renders complex credit undervalued. Astra’s primary strategy is to source such mispriced credit instruments and invest where other market participants do not.

Active management: at Astra, delivering performance is not just limited to making buy or sell decisions through active monitoring; Astra also actively engages with other stakeholders such as issuers, trustees and operating advisers to ensure the best possible outcome in situations where a debt restructuring or an alternative resolution becomes necessary.

core strategies
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