Anish Mathur - Astra Asset Management UK Limited


Anish Mathur is the Founder and the Chief Investment Officer of Astra Asset Management UK Limited. Mr Mathur is also a member of the Investment Management Team. Prior to Astra, Anish spent 7 years at Deutsche Bank as Head of Winchester Capital Principal Finance, where he was responsible for one of the largest cash and synthetic asset backed securities portfolios globally comprising a multi-billion-dollar pool of ABS assets including US and European RMBS, CMBS, CLOs and CDOs in both cash and synthetic form. Prior to Winchester Capital, Anish spent 7 years providing consulting services to several Fortune 500 companies over various financial and strategic matters including capital efficacy, P&L maximization and post M&A optimization methodology.

Mr Mathur holds an MBA from Oxford University and was BTech from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.