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Pure alpha from idiosyncratic risks

Unparalleled performance


Astra is a leading European alternative credit manager that focuses on mispriced credit instruments to deliver best performance for their investors with least volatility. Strict discipline in investments, thorough analysis of risk and commitment to deliver desired performance through actively monitoring and managing the risk, ensures consistent performance for our investors. Astra’s investors benefit from its in-depth expertise both in evaluating credit as well as the structure of different credit instruments. The Investment team has developed a unique investing method for finding significant mispricing in the credit markets, sharpened through years of experience working together and 'out of the box' thinking.


Astra specialises in structured credit investments and aims to generate alpha by capitalising on the dislocations in credit markets expressed through use of both cash and credit derivatives instruments. Changes in the regulatory environment resulted in an imbalanced credit pricing that ranges from highly overpriced investment grade liquid instruments to deeply underpriced complex credit risk. Astra aims to capture the dislocation by investing in a variety of instruments ranging from complex synthetic credit default swaps to structured asset backed or distressed corporate debt. Astra capitalises its expertise in securitisation, pricing of credit risk and innovative structuring methods to provide efficient and economically viable capital to its corporate partners for restructuring as well as growth.


Astra drives a culture of thoroughness, hard work, curiosity, creativity and tenacity with a team work that combines synergies across the team’s diverse background. Astra believes in a philosophy of thorough fundamental credit analysis and simultaneous engagement with other market participants. Astra believes that alignment of interest between partners, employees and clients is a key ingredient for shared long-term success.