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about us

Since its founding in 2012, Astra has become a leading European Alternative Credit Manager by implementing a new approach to investing in dislocated credit assets and actively managing its investments in legacy structured credit. Prior to Astra, the investment team worked together for several years, developing their unique expertise and a rigorous approach to investing. Collectively, they have many decades of experience at global investment banks, across a wide spectrum of credit instruments, ranging from real estate backed securities to corporate loan backed instruments. The key members of the finance, operations, technology and compliance teams have supported Astra’s investment vehicles since inception.

our focus

Astra seeks to ensure appropriate reward for the risk taken, based on analysis of fundamental value as well as various underlying market risks; the latter are assessed through both continuous shifts in risk parameters and discrete stress scenarios.

Astra aims to deliver sustained outperformance across all sectors and market cycles by maintaining a high safety margin. Astra applies a rigorous investment process that combines a deep fundamental credit and structural analysis with quantitative asset pricing and risk modelling.

Through its active portfolio risk management Astra seeks to ensure capital preservation and attractive yields. Astra has implemented a robust risk monitoring process across all strategies.